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The Tropical Marine Science Institute – a starting point that may soon be coming to an end?

Back from an unexpected hiatus (I’ve got a pile of drafts that never made it out), and only something this drastic would spur me to put blogging here a priority. The news came out a couple of weeks ago that … Continue reading

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The Festival of Biodiversity (a belated post)

This post comes a little late, more than a week after the Festival (26 & 27 May 2012) has ended. (And I’ve got a lot of backlog of posts) But anyways, it’s been quite an experience being part of the … Continue reading

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High level muddiness at Pasir Ris!

[Update 13 May: Some corrections with regard to the strange sea cucumber and water tap, as well as Louis’ name made! (Sorry it’s Louis, not Louise!)] Last Friday (11 May 2012), I went for what’s possibly my last mudflat survey … Continue reading

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Getting muddy at Changi Creek!

I think it’s been little over a year since my first survey with the Comprehensive Mega Marine Survey (CMBS) a.k.a. Mega Marine Survey! I think my first one was at Admiralty Park, but well the first one I blogged on … Continue reading

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“Uhh can I take the next boat home instead?”

I spent the past 3 days (5 Mar to 7 Mar 2012), far away from civilisation and modern technology (ie my laptop and internet) on Pulau Ubin at the rustic Celestial Resort. I was not slacking or having a staycation … Continue reading

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On dugongs and marine mammals…

Today, there was a public talk at the Zoo, on marine mammals in Singapore and conservation of dugongs. Luckily for me, I had nothing on and could go for the talk (: No photos though, forgot to bring my camera. … Continue reading

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Guiding at St John’s and other stuff.

Unfortunately, this is yet another back-dated post. Last Saturday (13 Aug), I did a guided walk at St John’s Island (SJI) under the Tropical Marine Science Institute (TMSI) for a group of NUS High School kids. We had to meet … Continue reading

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