The last of the Greater Patagonian Trail update.

So two months after we completed our expedition hiking down Patagonia, we finally submitted our expedition report to Imperial Exploration Board (just before the deadline heh). If anyone’s interested in doing long hikes in Patagonia (especially on the Chilean side), this could be useful. It’s been a great trip, and while working on the report and going through the photos I took, I realised that although it was not what we had originally intended for it to be, it still had all the elements of it and more. The challenges of finding/making food and making fire and keeping dry/warm were all very real then, if far removed from my reality now, but the memories remain. And I would recommend that everyone does a trip like that once in your life, if you can.

GPT 2016 report

And here’s a visual collection of what we cooked for ourselves during the expedition. While some of it was quite good and nutritious, for half the trip we were eat far less than what we needed.

About Jocelyne Sze

I'm a Nature-lover, aspiring conservationist, and wannabe traveller in search of outdoor adventure.
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