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Putting a value on the invaluable

Conservation, which I take to mean saving species from extinction (in the wild?), in its earliest earliest form involved protecting wild areas, usually from people (e.g. Yellowstone National Park). As we realised some really amazing and magnificent species were declining, we … Continue reading

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Insights into the history of conservation in Singapore

I was very very glad to have been able to attend Professor Leo Tan’s talk entitled “You Live Your Belief” last Wednesday, 25 April. It was hosted at the NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House Auditorium as it was actually an alumni … Continue reading

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Yet another place lost to development :/

This post is long overdue, but it still must be posted, I guess. There are lots of blogposts, websites out there about Bukit Brown, so information is not lacking. I went down to visit Bukit Brown over two Saturdays, 3 … Continue reading

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