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The ubiquitous oil palms

I’ve just got back from a road trip up to Malaysia with my family, and the one thing that struck me throughout the whole drive up and down was the oil palm plantations. Almost everywhere. Oil palm plantations are brought … Continue reading

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So much (unseen) destruction.

My project this term is on coral reef fisheries, and involves conducting rather extensive literature searches for data. I have also been reading The Unnatural History of the Sea: The past and future of humanity and fishing by Professor Callum Roberts, … Continue reading

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Tales from rocks.

Note: this is an edited version of a piece I wrote for a writing competition earlier. Comments/critiques welcome! One of the earliest known writing is the Sumerian cuneiform, dated about 3000 BC. The ancient Sumer civilisation was possibly the first … Continue reading

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If we re-started time…

Note: This is a mild deviation from my usual posts (on nature and conservation). Was writing a geology essay entitled “Bivalves and brachiopods: ships that passed in the night. Discuss…” and so I thought why not blog about it as well. I’m … Continue reading

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