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What is a forest?

It’s such a simple question, everyone knows what a forest is. Or do they? I thought I knew, until I started my masters project. It is on deforestation hotspots, using a global satellite-derived dataset available from Google Earth. Unsurprisingly, I came across … Continue reading

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World Environment Day 2016

I’m almost late for the UK, but not quite for the rest of world westwards. It’s been a fairly hectic weekend for me, being on an outdoors/field work first aid course. Anyway, it’s World Environment Day today, celebrated every year on 5 June, and … Continue reading

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Keeping hopes high -valuing Singapore’s nature reserves over more infrastructure

It’s been 4 years since I left home to further my studies in the UK, and if I’m honest, I can feel the emotional connection to the place I call home getting weaker every year. In spite of advances in … Continue reading

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Participating in the London climate march – science vs. advocacy

I participated in my first ever public demonstration last Sunday, 29 Nov. Part of the global climate march, about 70,000 people gathered in London and marched from Hyde Park Corner to Westminister – including about 9 of us from Silwood … Continue reading

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Serengeti Shall Not Die

I first came across the title when I was in Tanzania in July 2013, and we drove past a memorial, and our guide cum driver remarked on it. Chancing on the book in a second-hand bookshop in Sedburgh, Lake District … Continue reading

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How effective are conservation policies?

Policies are usually seen as the highest level of conservation action, kind of like a goal to aim towards (for a species/habitat/area of conservation interest to be ‘covered’ by a policy). In developed countries like Singapore and maybe the UK as well, … Continue reading

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Putting a value on the invaluable

Conservation, which I take to mean saving species from extinction (in the wild?), in its earliest earliest form involved protecting wild areas, usually from people (e.g. Yellowstone National Park). As we realised some really amazing and magnificent species were declining, we … Continue reading

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