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Keeping hopes high -valuing Singapore’s nature reserves over more infrastructure

It’s been 4 years since I left home to further my studies in the UK, and if I’m honest, I can feel the emotional connection to the place I call home getting weaker every year. In spite of advances in … Continue reading

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Nature in Singapore

It’s the official opening of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum in Singapore tomorrow (18 April 2015)! The first and only natural history museum in Singapore, I’m gutted I won’t be around/be able to visit till many months later, … Continue reading

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Sunset over Selungo: A film about the rainforest and the people

The Cambridge University Southeast Asian Forum (which I was on the committee for the past 1.5 years) hosted a film screening today, of a film titled Sunset over Selungo. Sunset over Selungo is set in the Malaysian state of Sarawak, … Continue reading

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Tales from rocks.

Note: this is an edited version of a piece I wrote for a writing competition earlier. Comments/critiques welcome! One of the earliest known writing is the Sumerian cuneiform, dated about 3000 BC. The ancient Sumer civilisation was possibly the first … Continue reading

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To eat or not to eat.

I decided to stop eating seafood about 2 years ago, after attending a talk by The Black Fish early in Michaelmas term in my first year. Since then, I’ve eaten some fish occasionally: salmon in the couple of weeks after … Continue reading

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Spending summer vacation in the New World Tropics

Or, what you probably don’t want to do in your penultimate year vacation if you’re interested in a research career. I’m going into my third and final year in Natural Sciences (going to be specialising in Zoology) here in the … Continue reading

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If we re-started time…

Note: This is a mild deviation from my usual posts (on nature and conservation). Was writing a geology essay entitled “Bivalves and brachiopods: ships that passed in the night. Discuss…” and so I thought why not blog about it as well. I’m … Continue reading

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