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The value of Free Play

I’ve just finished a camp with an international school in the Singapore Zoo, and I realise that most local Singaporeans have forgotten the value of free play. [Doing camps in the Zoo are great breeding grounds for musings and thoughts … Continue reading

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There’s still hope!

We all (well maybe mostly my friends and I…) like to lament about how kids these days are all spoilt, IT-savvy brats, born with an iPhone/iPad/some technological device in their hands. (Random note: Perhaps the phrase “born with a silver … Continue reading

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Short and random: (charismatic) Wildlife in urban Singapore

Because I saw a video of a pangolin in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) last night, on Facebook, I thought maybe I could just share it here. And I started a search on pangolins in NTU on Youtube, and came up … Continue reading

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Internship at the museum and upcoming biodiversity symposium!

I ended my stint in the Zoo last week, and just started my internship with the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research on Monday! While the Zoo has been a good experience in the corporate environment, and it was nice going … Continue reading

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