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Serengeti Shall Not Die

I first came across the title when I was in Tanzania in July 2013, and we drove past a memorial, and our guide cum driver remarked on it. Chancing on the book in a second-hand bookshop in Sedburgh, Lake District … Continue reading

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So much (unseen) destruction.

My project this term is on coral reef fisheries, and involves conducting rather extensive literature searches for data. I have also been reading The Unnatural History of the Sea: The past and future of humanity and fishing by Professor Callum Roberts, … Continue reading

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A Sand County Almanac

For some reason or other, I always thought almanacs were associated with superstition and though I’ve seen A Sand County Almanac being mentioned before, I always thought it was some fiction novel about superstitious rites in Sand County (or something … Continue reading

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We owe the ocean more credit than is given!

I am currently reading The World is Blue by Sylvia A. Earle. Reading it makes me feel rather depressed and devastated, when I realise the terrible things our species have done to our only home, and yet many people don’t realise! … Continue reading

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