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Tales from rocks.

Note: this is an edited version of a piece I wrote for a writing competition earlier. Comments/critiques welcome! One of the earliest known writing is the Sumerian cuneiform, dated about 3000 BC. The ancient Sumer civilisation was possibly the first … Continue reading

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From beef to mush – the last geology field trip.

It has been a pretty good past two or so weeks. My third and very sadly, last geology field trip (7 – 17 Apr 2014). I don’t think I ever got round to blogging any of my field trips here … Continue reading

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If we re-started time…

Note: This is a mild deviation from my usual posts (on nature and conservation). Was writing a geology essay entitled “Bivalves and brachiopods: ships that passed in the night. Discuss…” and so I thought why not blog about it as well. I’m … Continue reading

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