Biodiversity for youths in Singapore

This page is primarily meant for youths (secondary school/junior college/polytechnic students) who are really interested in biodiversity, Nature, conservation, wildlife and want to do more than just visit places/read blogs.

Update 19 Sep 2015: There are many active (youth) groups in Singapore, more than before I left for my undergraduate studies I think. The Facebook group I mention below is primarily for information sharing rather than active conservation, so check that out and join the various other groups if you’re interested in doing something for biodiversity conservation.

Facebook group as a platform for sharing
I started a facebook group in 2011 which was arbitrarily named Raffles Nature Society, because most of the initial members were from Raffles Institution, and we (the batch of 2010) wanted to have a Nature Society back when we were in school. Asked for name suggestions but no one proposed anything, so the name stuck.

Why the group
There is a lack of biodiversity/environmental education in our formal syllabus. I suppose things will improve in time, but in any case, unless you have wonderful teachers who are very passionate about biodiversity, as I am fortunate to have, it is hard to really know more about issues (though of course, with Google, nothing is really that difficult). This group is open to any student studying in Singapore. Students because I found it hard to find out about walks/talks/symposia/jobs/volunteering opportunities when I was a student; this group is supposed to help eliminate the information gap.

Anyone can (and is strongly encouraged to) post about
1) jobs/volunteering opportunities available
2) talks/seminars/symposia/dialogues that are being held and are open to public
3) walks that they’d like to go on and want some company/are open to public
4) share articles and discuss issues

But they should be relevant and helpful.

I’m hoping this group will form a small, self-sustaining community, with members contributing information and ensuring that the group will stay lively and relevant. It’s an open group but there will be some moderating involved, should anyone post irrelevant stuff (:

Visit the group and get involved! We need more youths on board!

Find out about wildlife in Singapore!

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