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Keeping hopes high -valuing Singapore’s nature reserves over more infrastructure

It’s been 4 years since I left home to further my studies in the UK, and if I’m honest, I can feel the emotional connection to the place I call home getting weaker every year. In spite of advances in … Continue reading

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Sustainable intensification?

I attended a debate organised by the Part II students at Plant Sciences yesterday evening, entitled Sustainable intensification: an oxymoron? I couldn’t stay to the end of the Q&A session, but I think overwhelmingly the panelists were of the opinion that … Continue reading

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Inspiring closing keynotes are key – Cambridge Climate & Sustinability Forum 2014

So once again I found myself in the organising committee of the Cambridge Climate & Sustainability Forum 2014 (Theme: The Heat is On! Innovations Now.), a student-run conference on climate and sustainability issues support by Cambridge Hub. I was involved … Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day (:

It’s the last hour of Earth Day (here in the UK anyway), and I thought I should post something just to commemorate the day. I’ve spent most of my whole day trying to finish my Earth Sciences vacation work (going … Continue reading

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Thoughts from organising Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum

This post comes a bit late, almost a month since the Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum was held on 15 March. But as always, better late than never. Most first year undergrads don’t get involved in such “heavy” organising, being … Continue reading

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Tales from Rimba 5: Give them (us) a break

Note: This post is rather jumbled and rambly, I think. Just that I’ve been hearing so much about so many different things that my mind is all kind of jumbled up and difficult to organise. And it’s not happy things … Continue reading

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Tales from Rimba 3: Whose land is it?

Warning: this is probably gonna be a long read. Being here in Malaysia, I see intact forests and deforestation happening all at the same time. And lots of questions surface in my mind. The question of land ownership is probably … Continue reading

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