Rio+20 Earth Summit

Today’s the first day of the Earth Summit.

I’m only following through whatever tweets and blogs I catch while online, but there’s so much info coming in and it all gets confusing, I thought I’d just post the articles I’ve been reading here. (The articles on Rio+20 listed below are of course, non-exhaustive.) And also, to save my friends on Facebook from the spam of links.

You can follow Twitter updates by @UN_Rioplus20, the official Twitter account. And/or Twitter updates by @EarthSummit2012, the Stakeholders Forum official feed.

Personally, I don’t understand much about these UN conferences. Would like to attend one, just for the experience, but from reading all the articles, it seems like a lot of politicking by countries and taichi-ing (pushing the blame/responsibility around) and wayang-ing (acts of pretence).

‎”The most important outcome in Rio, therefore, will not be a new treaty, binding clause, or political commitment. It will be a global call to action. Around the world, the cry is rising to put sustainable development at the center of global thinking and action, especially to help young people to solve the triple-bottom-line challenge – economic well-being, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion – that will define their era. Rio+20 can help them to do it.” – Jeffrey D. Sachs, in A Rio Report Card

Yes, a global call to action, especially by youths, I think that’s what’s most needed now.


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