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Thoughts from doing a computational project…

I’m 50 days away from thesis submission, 182 days in to my master’s project. I’ve mentioned that my project was on deforestation in a few previous posts, but never really wrote about it, and since I’m approaching the time for … Continue reading

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Celebrating forests

It’s the #InternationalDayofForests today, 21 March! Given that my research project is on deforestation, I thought I should perhaps commemorate this day with a quick and somewhat random post. The word forest holds different meanings, brings to mind different things. … Continue reading

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How effective are conservation policies?

Policies are usually seen as the highest level of conservation action, kind of like a goal to aim towards (for a species/habitat/area of conservation interest to be ‘covered’ by a policy). In developed countries like Singapore and maybe the UK as well, … Continue reading

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