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Spending summer vacation in the New World Tropics

Or, what you probably don’t want to do in your penultimate year vacation if you’re interested in a research career. I’m going into my third and final year in Natural Sciences (going to be specialising in Zoology) here in the … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring!

It’s such a beautiful day today! Seasons barely used to mean anything to tropical creatures like me; but when you’re here, boy do they make such a huge difference! After months of cold and dreary weather and little sun and … Continue reading

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Shark sighting at Cyrene Reef – best ending to 5 years of seagrass monitoring!

I’ve been monitoring seagrasses with TeamSeagrass ever since I started my Research Studies project on seagrasses in 2007 while in RGS, and seagrasses are really why I got so interested and involved with all that I do now (: Now … Continue reading

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The Seagrasses of Chek Jawa

I woke up bright and early to go Chek Jawa with TeamSeagrass last Sunday (13 May 2012). For the last time (in a long while). First to greet us upon reaching Chek Jawa Visitor Centre are the Wild Boars (Sus … Continue reading

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Really cool logos/drawings of biodiversity

I like how they all use silhouettes/drawings of animals, plants, the environment, people. Because we are all interconnected,  all tied to each other. The people/community, the environment/Nature, the animals & plants/biodiversity. “Every single day that every single one of us lives … Continue reading

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Pulau Semakau – holds more than our incinerated trash!

Most Singaporeans, if they do know what P. Semakau is, don’t know that it offers much more than just being a landfill for our trash. There is wildlife to be found there too! TeamSeagrass was there on 26 Nov, Saturday, … Continue reading

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Seagrasses at Cyrene!

I took half day off work today to monitor seagrasses at Cyrene reef! Reached West Coast Park with some time to spare, so I went to walk around, and saw lots of birds (apart from the usual mynas)! Pardon the … Continue reading

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