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How effective are conservation policies?

Policies are usually seen as the highest level of conservation action, kind of like a goal to aim towards (for a species/habitat/area of conservation interest to be ‘covered’ by a policy). In developed countries like Singapore and maybe the UK as well, … Continue reading

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Nature in Singapore

It’s the official opening of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum in Singapore tomorrow (18 April 2015)! The first and only natural history museum in Singapore, I’m gutted I won’t be around/be able to visit till many months later, … Continue reading

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Sunset over Selungo: A film about the rainforest and the people

The Cambridge University Southeast Asian Forum (which I was on the committee for the past 1.5 years) hosted a film screening today, of a film titled Sunset over Selungo. Sunset over Selungo is set in the Malaysian state of Sarawak, … Continue reading

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Climate and sustainability

Attended the Cambridge Climate & Sustainability Forum as a participant for the first time today, having been in the organising committee the past two years. And I must say, it’s pretty good being able to fully enjoy the talks without worrying … Continue reading

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Some of my favourite environmental/conservation quotes

Missed Earth Day (22 April) but anyway here’s a short collection of quotes that inspire me. I’m sure I missed out lots more, leave a comment if you think there should be some that definitely deserve to be included!   … Continue reading

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Elephants, fences, and the “Wild Bush” (and a snapshot of the Indian Ocean)

I’m finally back in Singapore after 11 months, having spent the last month in South Africa on a biodiversity research expedition with Operation Wallacea. With 10 other university students from the UK, USA and Canada, we spent 3 weeks at Struwig Eco … Continue reading

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Thoughts from organising Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum

This post comes a bit late, almost a month since the Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum was held on 15 March. But as always, better late than never. Most first year undergrads don’t get involved in such “heavy” organising, being … Continue reading

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