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World Environment Day 2016

I’m almost late for the UK, but not quite for the rest of world westwards. It’s been a fairly hectic weekend for me, being on an outdoors/field work first aid course. Anyway, it’s World Environment Day today, celebrated every year on 5 June, and … Continue reading

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Keeping hopes high -valuing Singapore’s nature reserves over more infrastructure

It’s been 4 years since I left home to further my studies in the UK, and if I’m honest, I can feel the emotional connection to the place I call home getting weaker every year. In spite of advances in … Continue reading

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Food, the sea, and people.

So I’ve talked about why I don’t eat seafood and all the unseen destruction that goes on in our oceans. Here’s a bit more of a visual, if you aren’t still convinced. It gets depressing when you realise the scale … Continue reading

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To eat or not to eat.

I decided to stop eating seafood about 2 years ago, after attending a talk by The Black Fish early in Michaelmas term in my first year. Since then, I’ve eaten some fish occasionally: salmon in the couple of weeks after … Continue reading

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A Sand County Almanac

For some reason or other, I always thought almanacs were associated with superstition and though I’ve seen A Sand County Almanac being mentioned before, I always thought it was some fiction novel about superstitious rites in Sand County (or something … Continue reading

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Some of my favourite environmental/conservation quotes

Missed Earth Day (22 April) but anyway here’s a short collection of quotes that inspire me. I’m sure I missed out lots more, leave a comment if you think there should be some that definitely deserve to be included!   … Continue reading

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Elephants, fences, and the “Wild Bush” (and a snapshot of the Indian Ocean)

I’m finally back in Singapore after 11 months, having spent the last month in South Africa on a biodiversity research expedition with Operation Wallacea. With 10 other university students from the UK, USA and Canada, we spent 3 weeks at Struwig Eco … Continue reading

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