Sea anemone workshop

Another backdated post, but I’m trying to “clear” them all so I can post less backdated trips and stuff.

Dr Daphne Fautin has been studying sea anemones for many many years (decades even!) and she was in Singapore to conduct a workshop! She came in previous years, but I don’t think I really knew. But this time, I couldn’t miss the opportunity, especially since I no longer have school to tie me down (the one good thing about not schooling).

I could only go for Day 1 of the workshop (it was a week long), but it was awesome. It was conducted at the Tropical Marine Science Institute (TMSI) on St John’s Island, so we had to take a ferry there.

We started off with an opening address by Dr Tan Koh Siang (who happens to be my SRP mentor)

Then Dr Daphne starts on her first lecture.

She shared a bit of her own background. She was going to study in the then University of Malaya. But then she got married and decided to go back to the States to study.

She then talked about classification of sea anemones, a bit of their physiology and stuff. It’s fascinating and really cool, how complex these invertebrates can be. They may look similar yet after may be completely different species once you have dissected them and looked at their internal anatomy.

After that we went to look at some of the live specimens that Ria and the Anemony Army collected from around Singapore for the workshop.

NOT an anemone, but a corallimorph (if I remember correctly!)

Anemones (and other marine life) in the drain even

Sea anemone (don't remember which :/)

Swimming anemone

More anemones

Even more anemones

Some carpet anemone

Not a sea anemone!

After that we had tea, before going back for 2nd (and last) lecture of the day, about identifying sea anemones.

Really pretty complex, definitely one day was not enough. She spent decades on it! Wish I could have gone for more days, but with work and all, couldn’t :/ But I’m glad I went for the first day!

Now I can’t decide whether to study conservation biology or marine biology. Marine is what I love, definitely. The biodiversity, variety and character, everything is definitely much more than terrestrial. Way cooler. But yet, afraid I’m limiting myself too early.

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I'm a Nature-lover, aspiring conservationist, and wannabe traveller in search of outdoor adventure.
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  1. Zo Tabs says:

    Hi, Can you inform me about the different sampling methods used for the study of sea anemone?

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