Changi Beach Park recce

Another belated post, but better late than never I guess ><

Went to recce Changi beach last Sunday 7 May for ICCS, with Marcus (vice capt of Changi zone) and Kah Ming (previous capt of Changi zone). They went to recce Pulau Ubin before I joined them for lunch at Changi Village. Had a light lunch, before heading over to Changi beach to rent our bikes and start our recce.

Didn’t take many photos (lately not really in the mood for photos), but mostly talked about stuff like litter load, accessibility, numbers required, facilities like toilets and trash bins and other technical stuff in preparation for International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (ICCS) 2011. My first time being part of the committee organising this annual event, really hope I don’t screw things up 😛 But with support like Marcus and Kah Ming, should be fine 🙂

Changi beach is a relatively safe and easy place to do coastal cleanup, pretty clean too. Like a more secluded version of East Coast Park.

There was a section of the beach, between carparks 4 and 5 that had bakau poles reinforcements.

Bakau poles reinforcements

Probably to prevent further erosion and a disappearing beach… Makes me wonder though, why there is such massive erosion there. Erosion is a natural process yeah, but could there be some other factors that is exacerbating the erosion? The level of sand on both sides of the poles is quite different.

Anyway, Changi beach isn’t that big and it didnt take long for us to finish the recce. Thankfully Changi zone is relatively easy to do, which is why I’m doing it I guess, and well, I’m quite excited for ICCS 2011!


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I'm a Nature-lover, aspiring conservationist, and wannabe traveller in search of outdoor adventure.
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