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“What animals can you find at the mangroves?” “MOSQUITOES!” – My first public talk at Queenstown Primary

I did my very first public talk to the students at Queenstown Primary School last Monday (23 April)! I’ve done assembly talks while in RGS about a fieldtrip to Wales, UK that I went for, and also for Overseas Service … Continue reading

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Getting muddy at Changi Creek!

I think it’s been little over a year since my first survey with the Comprehensive Mega Marine Survey (CMBS) a.k.a. Mega Marine Survey! I think my first one was at Admiralty Park, but well the first one I blogged on … Continue reading

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So what can UNEP do about marine litter?

National University of Singapore (NUS)’s Bachelor of Environmental Science (BES) programme had a talk yesterday, which Gladys and I crashed. It was arranged by Prof Chou Loke Meng, who invited his friend Dr. Ellik Adler to talk to the NUS BES … Continue reading

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Cleaning up our shores, the whole year round!

Though I love all of Nature and what the Earth has, the marine environment has always been a soft spot of mine, having started out watching seagrasses with TeamSeagrass. And then last year, I started getting involved with International Coastal … Continue reading

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2012 Eco-resolutions: Simple ways to do our part for our Earth

Siva shared this article with the ICCS Otters, and I think it lists really simple things we can do everyday to reduce our impact on the Earth. So I shared it on my Facebook wall, and after making my parents … Continue reading

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We owe the ocean more credit than is given!

I am currently reading The World is Blue by Sylvia A. Earle. Reading it makes me feel rather depressed and devastated, when I realise the terrible things our species have done to our only home, and yet many people don’t realise! … Continue reading

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Muddy in the mangroves

A pretty backdated post on ICCS 2011 (17 September 2011), but I had already previously posted on the ICCS blog (Uncovering the mangroves at the inaugural Lim Chu Kang East cleanup) so I didn’t feel the pressing need to post … Continue reading

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