Sport-climbing in El Chorro

Where I did my first proper multi-pitch and attempted to use a shewee (pee funnel for women) to hilarious results.

The last blog-worthy bit of my road trip from London to Spain is sport-climbing in El Chorro, Malaga. El Chorro was a place I’d always wanted to go to climb, since I came to the UK four years ago. Happily enough, my road trip buddy’s parents lived close to Malaga, and so we could end the trip with some nice climbing. We stayed at the Olive Branch (€8pppn) while we were there, which was slightly above the village.


Olive Branch campsite.

The weather was forecasted to be very rainy while we were there, but the weather held up enough for us to do a few climbs. I had never really done a complete multi-pitch climb before, the most I had ever done was two pitches of a much longer climb. So I was really psyched to do a nice long but easy eight pitch climb called Amptrax.


The Frontales crag where Amptrax is.

The approach to the start point involved a bit of a dodgy down scramble cos we veered a bit to far right. The first pitch was basically a walk/scramble up, but the rest of the pitches were quite fun. The sixth pitch was a right traverse, which I was leading and was slightly nervy in my opinion, had to do some really far-out leaning to my right. Probably also went off route cos there were points when I had nothing much to hold…

Nonetheless, it was definitely the highlight of El Chorro for me and the most exciting bit is possibly my attempt to use the shewee while in a harness on a wall. I bought the shewee five years ago when I was climbing Island Peak, and had only used it once on that trip – to pee into a bottle when we were in high camp while in the tent because I was too cold to go out and pee. Being in a harness makes using a shewee much much harder. I basically wet myself on the wall :X I’d advise anyone who’s intending to use one to practise first before going out. Thankfully there wasn’t anyone else around who saw me using it anyway 😛

I’ve written before about the appeal of climbing, but I missed out a major point in that post. That feeling of being to go somewhere that few others can, and the view from the top of a climb.


View from the top of Amptrax.

Was a pretty good end to the 3-week long road trip. Would have been nice to do a few more multi-pitches or harder climbs but the weather turned and got very rainy. So yeah, Amptrax was my main highlight and the limestone in El Chorro is really nice 🙂

P.S. This is a scheduled post to space out my posting. I’m currently on my 67 day hike and you can see our current location here.


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