The team.

A quick intro to the gang before I start spouting out names in my future posts.

Ringleader – Hamish Warren

One of the original conceivers/proposers of the GPT, Hamish is the only one in the group who has actually hiked >1000km before. He likes walking barefoot, tree-climbing, and going off on long philosophical conversations (soliloquies) especially when drunk.

Field expert – Omar Saif

Possibly the person who initially seeded the idea for an expedition, Omar has undergone mountain leader training and is probably the most able amongst us to survive in the wilderness. Also a mad climber who might disappear halfway through the hike to go off and climb.

Logistics Officer – Anne Scholle

Without detracting from her invaluable position on the team, Anne’s the latest addition when I asked (insisted) her to join us in some state of drunkenness. She’s probably the most sane of us all and, with her bubbly and optimistic nature, will get us through the hike.

‘Navigator’ – Jocelyne Sze

Bit of a joke really, me as a navigator. It has already been decided that if we run desperately out of food, I’ll be the first to go, so I suppose that says much about how much they value me as a ‘navigator’.

So here’s the team (: Couldn’t have asked or found a better group to do this hike with. Though perhaps I had better save these comments for after the trek – after all, we might just start hating each other after a month of constant company.

The only three people I will see everyday for the next few months.

The only three people I will see everyday for the next two months.


About Jocelyne Sze

I'm a Nature-lover, aspiring conservationist, and wannabe traveller in search of outdoor adventure.
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