Journey to the West – Speaking at Frontier Primary School!

I travelled from the East to the West (of Singapore) to give a talk on Marine Life and Trash in Our Seas at Frontier Primary School for International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (ICCS) this morning!

My second talk for ICCS! The first was at Queenstown Primary, you can read about it here. Photo taken by a staff of Frontier Primary.

Frontier Primary School – a new school at Pioneer with only P1 students!

As usual at all school assemblies, there was the National Anthem and Pledge recited before the start of the programme. Not having sung/recited either in ages, I was glad to do both right before National Day. And watching the 8 classes of primary 1 kids sing with such gusto is a really nice sight!

Only 8 classes of P1s in the entire school! 240 7-year-olds.

I had only 30 minutes and so many things to share, including an added quiz at the end!

Giving them an introduction to the changes in our land/sea scape

Glad to see they look interested in what I was saying (: Photo taken by a staff of Frontier Primary.

The fact that we have Nemos (False clown anemonefish, Amphiprion ocellaris), Patricks (sea stars) and Spongebobs (sponges) never fails to amaze and grab their attention (: Add on the photos/videos of other charismatic animals like dolphins, turtles, crocodiles, otters and monitor lizards, and they’re hooked!

Introducing an inhabitant of Mandai mudflats, the horseshoe crab (Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda). Photo taken by a staff of Frontier Primary.

After showing off the more eye-catching marine life we have in Singapore (I feel apologetic to the worms, snails, seaweeds and all the other biodiversity that were neglected in this talk), I moved on to the threats. Didn’t get to show them the Midway trailer due to time constraints though. But I think the rather graphic photos of albatross chicks with plastic in their guts and horseshoe crabs and seals entangled in nets were enough to bring the point across.

Then I asked, do we care? To their credit, they all shouted an emphatic yes (after some prompting :P)

All using reusable bottles and not the disposable ones, good job! Photo taken by a staff of Frontier Primary.

Quiz time, and I called for volunteers. I have a small collection of marine soft toys at home, and I thought it would be fun for the kids to incorporate them into the talk.

My little collection of marine animal soft toys (:

Soft toys in action!

I got them to pick one from the bag, name it and say if it was found in Singapore.

My whale became a seal 😦 Photo taken by a staff of Frontier Primary.

And my dugong became a dolphin 😦 Photo taken by a staff of Frontier Primary.

And my crocodile couldn’t be identified 😦 Photo taken by a staff of Frontier Primary.

But they managed in the end, and could all answer if they were found in Singapore (: Photo taken by a staff of Frontier Primary.

All in all, I think it went pretty well, and the kids were really nice and enthusiastic (: Thanks to Frontier Primary School (they have a Batch of 2017 blog here!)for inviting us to talk, and to Siva and Weiting for giving me the opportunity to speak to them!

More photos on my Facebook album here.


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