As close to Tekong as I’ll ever get (probably)!

Really glad I had the chance to visit Beting Bronok last Wednesday, 6 June before I go overseas!

You can even see the mountains in Malaysia (don’t remember the names) in the distance

Beting Bronok (BB) is a submerged reef off Pulau Tekong.

Beting Bronok on a map. Picture taken from Wild Shores of SIngapore.

It’s my first really really early morning shore trip! Up at a time when I’m usually going to sleep :X

Hard to find people who would willingly wake up at ungodly hours ­čśŤ

But wake up at insane hours (2+am) I will, only for shore trips (: It’s so awesome that it’s worth the weird sleeping pattern.

Soft coral (Family Nephtheidae)

Do you see what I see?

Ta-da, the velcro crab (Camposcia retusa)!

Snapping shrimp (Family Alpheidae)

Some shrimp

Spotted black flatworm (Acanthozoon sp.)

Some nudibranch (don’t remember the name either, ID would be appreciated!(: )

Onyx cowrie (Cypraea onyx)

Allied cowrie on soft coral

Octopus out a-hunting

Hydroids (Order Hydrozoa) Beware them, they sting! Hence always wear long pants

Sea cucumber in between hydroids and sponges

Blue sponge (Phylum Porifera)

Close-up of sponge

Green sponge

Stargazer waspfish (Polycaulus uranoscopus)

Buried itself really quickly in the sand (like many other sandy shore organisms)






Glass anemone (Dofleinia sp.)

Brittle star

Scaly sea star

Plain sea star (Astropecten sp.)

Cake sea star (Anthenea aspera)

Chewed up sea star

Pencil sea urchin

The exciting things we do

We didn’t get to see the sunrise though, cos it was too cloudy. We did hear gun fire and night jars while on shore though.

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I'm a Nature-lover, aspiring conservationist, and wannabe traveller in search of outdoor adventure.
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2 Responses to As close to Tekong as I’ll ever get (probably)!

  1. staceym says:

    Definitely worth the early wake up.

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