Downpour during Earth Day cleanup! :/

About 100 enthusiastic volunteers hit Tanah Merah last Saturday (28 April) for the second of Coastal Cleanup Singapore’s year-round cleanup – the Earth Day cleanup!

Enthusiastic volunteers concerned about the state of our marine environment!

Participants walking along the breakwater to get to the site

Cautiously going down the breakwater; don’t want any accidents!

Gathering for the safety briefing and introductions

Deputy Zone Captain Gladys Chua and Zone Captain Benjamin Tan doing their briefing! Both are new on board the ICCS Otters team 😀 Good job!

After the quick briefing, off all the volunteers went! Very enthusiastic bunch we have 😀

Rummaging around the coastal forest area, where lots of debris gets trapped

Even digging up trash half-buried under the sand!

Plastic straws are one of the most commonly seen trash on Tanah Merah, ranking 7 on our top 10 picked during ICCS 2011.

Unfortunately, good things never last long…

Ominous rain clouds gathering in the distance

It wasn’t long before lightning and gusty winds made us pull the plug on this cleanup and shoo all volunteers back towards the safety of the ferry terminal.

Shortest cleanup ever (for me)! We were on shore for about 20-30 minutes?

Despite the strong wind and rain, volunteers from Ngee Ann Poly were still determined to get that piece of trash out!

During that short period we were on shore though, we did manage to clear some trash!

ICCS 2012 Deputy Coordinator Xu Weiting, Raffles Museum Toddycat Ivan Kwan and Deputy Capt Gladys (not in photo) helping with the trash collection.

While Zone Captain Benjamin does a quick debrief with the volunteers in the safety of the Ferry Terminal

Well we’re glad everyone made it back to safety, although there were many enthusiastic volunteers who expressed their desire to continue cleanup, since they had already traveled all the way there!

Safety is always a priority, and the risk of lightning is very real in Singapore. We cannot afford to lose enthusiastic and capable volunteers to lightning!

The next cleanup will be the major event of the year, the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore! It falls on every 3rd Saturday of September (15 September 2012), and the ICCS Otters coordinate this national effort every year

Organisations and individuals interested in signing up may do so once registration has opened for the respective categories. Subscribe to the ICCS mailing list (just send an email to to keep yourself informed of our happenings!

We look forward to greater participation by all in our effort to cleanup our coastal areas and to increase education and awareness of our marine trash and its impact!

This cleanup follows a call to Organisers, a recce trip as well as a separate call to Independents.

What can we find at Tanah Merah?

It was a beautiful low tide day on 28 April, the entire seagrass patch was visible! Didn’t have much time to explore, but snapped a few quick photos.

Some bird (ID by the more knowledgeable would be very much appreciated  :D)


Carpet anemone

MORE seagrass!

Trash 😦

It is very sad indeed that our marine life has to live amongst trash. One way to help would be to create LESS trash (Reduce) and dispose trash properly (Recycle when possible!). And of course, to take part in coastal cleanup and drag in unwitting friends and family in the process!


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