First pre-dawn trip this year!

[Update 16 April: Names and IDs of some animals added]

I don’t remember when my last pre-dawn trip was already, but I’m very sure it was quite a while ago!

Sea anemone (Olympus)

But anyway, explored Lazarus Seringat-Kias last Saturday (7 April) and it was full awesome stuff! Though it was not on my birthday exactly (unlike last year’s Pulau Semakau trip for Project Driftnet), it was close enough, and a nice treat for me! Although the sandflies were rather vicious (yes, I need to step up on my sandfly protection! :/)

Am rather tired and not thinking properly, so will just be photos. With little caption. Have not gone round to searching for ID of most of the animals, so please forgive the minimal info provided.

Beautiful, bright full moon (Canon)

Some shrimp (Canon)

Furry sea hare (Olympus)

Some sea anemone (Canon)

Underside of cowrie (Canon)

Some goby (Olympus)

Some egg (Olympus)

Probably the Spotted Moon Crab (Ashtoret lunaris) (Olympus)

I think it's the Common Whelk? (Nassarius livescens) (Olympus)

Head of huge lobster (Olympus)

Body of huge lobster (Olympus)

Some fish (Olympus)

Elusive anemone fish aka Nemo. 3 tiny (1cm long) ones flitting around. (Olympus)

Only nutters do this 😀 ❤ (Canon)

Moon set (Canon)

Sun rise! (Canon)

Rene and I then went to look for Kok Sheng and Chay Hoon who were exploring the rocky shores of Lazarus

Cryptic sea star (Cryptasterina sp.); after a long hard find by Kok Sheng! (Canon)

African Giant Snail crushed by Rene (Canon)

Photographic evidence of the snail she killed (Canon)

Beautiful reef growing on the pontoon!! (Canon)

Wonderful reef pontoon (Canon)

I myself might not believe this is Singapore! (Olympus)

Pretty corals with polyps extended (I think) (Olympus)

Underwater garden (: (Olympus)

Cos nothing's more interesting than the side of the pontoon! (Canon)

People on board the boat that was docked at the pontoon sure thought we were strange people, lying belly down on the pontoon. Bet they didn't know there were awesome marine life growing right there! (Canon)

Blue skies, intertidal walk, boat trip, what can be more awesome? (: (Canon)

Glad I bought the i-Torch the other time, it provided sufficient lighting so I could use my Olympus Tough 3000 (which otherwise, would not be able to take any decent photos). Also brought my Canon S100 to supplement!

Awesome trip, the lobster and the cryptic sea star made my day (:

Photos from this trip is on Facebook here.

Blogposts on this trip:
Ria’s Wild Shores of Singapore
Kok Sheng’s God’s Wonderful Creation


About Jocelyne Sze

I'm a Nature-lover, aspiring conservationist, and wannabe traveller in search of outdoor adventure.
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3 Responses to First pre-dawn trip this year!

  1. Neo Mei Lin says:

    haha… I like how your IDs are ‘some ________’… 🙂 Great finds!

  2. budak says:

    some seng monkee

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