Lightning+rain=no survey :(

I woke up bright and early on Saturday (30 March 2012) morning to head down to Punggol for the Mega Marine Survey! Only, once I reached there, I realised that I arrived 1 hour too early. But no matter, spent some quality bonding time with my dad instead having breakfast (:

When I finally went back to the meeting point at the right time, it was to find out that perhaps, because of the rain and lightning threat, the survey might be cancelled 😦 The thunderstorm had been going on since about 1, 2+ am (over in my area in the East), and by morning it was a steady drizzle. Thought it would have died out by the time the survey was supposed to start, but it didn’t.

Eventually, because of the constant drizzle and the fact that the tide was rising, the survey was cancelled. Apparently the first time the survey was cancelled since it started almost two years ago! No matter though, we went for a walk around the park area instead!

Exploring the ponds in lieu of survey site

And saw quite a number of dragonflies that chose to emerge from their nymph moults at the wrong time :/

Dragonfly no.1 that failed to take off after moulting cos of the rain

My first time taking such a close-up photo of a dragonfly. Only because it couldn't fly :/

Moult of the nymph of dragonfly no.1

Dragonfly no.2 that failed to take off after moulting cos of the rain

Moult no. 2

Apart from dragonflies, we also discovered something new about lilies!

Upon closer look at the lily pads' underside...

... they are rather thorny!

After the rain let up a little, we decided to just go take a look at the survey site.

Back mangroves & mud lobster mounds right next to Punggol Road

Along the way, some of the other volunteers spotted something I completely overlooked!

Road kill! Suspected to be a striped keelback (Xenochrophis vittatus)

After I posted it on Facebook, Ivan Kwan who authors both The Lazy Lizard’s Tales and Monday Morgue blogs, suggested that it might be the Striped Keelback. The poor thing was in such a bad shape though :/

The survey site that we never got to do!


So that’s about it! Didn’t actually get to go down and get muddy, or do any hard work :/

But at least I got to know more people, and we subsequently went for breakfast at one of the coffee shops nearby (:


About Jocelyne Sze

I'm a Nature-lover, aspiring conservationist, and wannabe traveller in search of outdoor adventure.
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