Cleaning up our shores, the whole year round!

Though I love all of Nature and what the Earth has, the marine environment has always been a soft spot of mine, having started out watching seagrasses with TeamSeagrass. And then last year, I started getting involved with International Coastal Cleanup Singapore, because marine trash is always a problem for marine life.

It’s just especially tragic, when you know it can be prevented, yet is happening. Not just in Singapore, but all over the world, especially well-known is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Ria shared this on Facebook earlier today, and it’s just really saddening.

But we can do something about all this! In the first place, I think we should all use less plastic/disposables. Use them again, if possible, otherwise recycle them.

As for all that trash already floating out at sea, we may not be able to clear all of it, but for those that wash up on shore, there is always Coastal Cleanup (:

We just started the Tanah Merah Year-Round Coastal Cleanup (TM YRCC), and on Saturday (11 Feb 2012), we had our very First Year-Round Cleanup! 😀 A mixture of the public and friends who responded to our volunteer coordinators’ call for help, we congregated at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal at 8.00am, though most came late 😛

After a quick briefing by Benjamin and Gladys, our volunteer coordinator recruits, all 34 participants headed off, armed with trashbags and gloves. It was a hot day, but everyone worked tirelessly to haul off the snack wrappers, many straws, almost-disintegrating canvas bags off the beach.

By 10.00am, we managed to clear 302kg [update: it’s actually about 340kg, including trash that we are unable to weigh] of trash off Tanah Merah 7 😀 To celebrate post-Chinese New Year, we took a group photo with CNY decorations, some of which were actually picked off the shore!

"Huat ah!" but not with more trash on our beaches

Photo credit: N. Sivasothi

The Year-Round cleanup differs from ICCS in that it is NOT an annual affair, and will be coordinated by a new group of volunteers (: ICCS is held every 3rd Saturday of September, and the new cycle is starting again!

More news on TM YRCC will be provided soon on our Coastal Cleanup WordPress, so if you’re interested in doing your part for the environment and joining us in a cleanup session, do follow the blog and keep updated.

More often than not, we don’t take action not because we don’t care, but because we don’t see. And what we don’t see, we don’t think about.

A very apt photo that was circulating on Facebook

So do something for the Earth, the ocean, and most importantly, for yourself!

Other reflections on the 1st TM YRCC by:
N. Sivasothi, ICCS Overall Coordinator
Gladys Chua, TM YRCC Coordinator
Lee Wei Siang, 1st TM YRCC volunteer

Incidentally, there is a Bachelor of Environmental Science (BES) Seminar on Marine Litter – a Global Challenge by Dr. Ellik Adler on tomorrow, 15 Feb at NUS LT33 at 6.30pm. Keen to hear what he has to say (: He is the Coordinator of COBSEA (Coordinating Body for the Seas of East Asia), which is one of UNEP’s Regional Seas programmes.


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