Swimming sea anemone and more at Changi!

I crashed the NUS Life Science Year 1’s practical last Friday 14 Oct at Changi beach! They were doing seine-netting at the beach, and the teaching assistants (TAs) also went down earlier to catch some specimens to show the students. There are lots of cool stuff at Changi!

Very hurriedly done post; I’m flying off to Nepal tomorrow morning!

Juvenile eeltail catfish look like tadpoles!

The students have no qualms about putting their hands into the tanks...

Squids! (I believe)

Sea urchin vs Moon crab!

Leaf porter crab 🙂

Looks like an aquarium! Tripodfish 🙂

Baby seahorse! ❤ about 2cm?

Defensive mum. Full of eggs.

The catch! "Don't touch the brown fishes!" - TA

mangrove propagules! not sure of their identification though..

Swimming anemone!! really cute creature 🙂

Spider crab!!

Swimming anemone vs sea urchin!

Scorpionfish aka the Brown Fish

Ball sea cucumber

Swimming anemone vs sand sea star

Cuttlefish, not sure exactly what though

Fireworm --> see no touch!

Scorpionfish and wrasse?

Changi Point Ferry Terminal

Too cute to not take a photo

A lot of posts backlogged; I wonder if I’ll ever “clear” them.

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I'm a Nature-lover, aspiring conservationist, and wannabe traveller in search of outdoor adventure.
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  1. Ivan says:

    i was there i guess

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