Chek Jawa! Finally (:

Another backdated post. Meant to post it soon after it happened, but didn’t manage to. I really need to make blogging a priority.

Anyway, after at least a year, I finally went back to Chek Jawa with Team Seagrass on 3 July! I really don’t know when the last time I went to Chek Jawa was :/

Pre-dawn trip, so when we headed down to Chek Jawa in the minibuses, it was really dark. And even going down to the shore, we had to use our torches.

Spent the minutes before the break of dawn looking around and trying to spot the more nocturnal marine animals. Come to think of it, I’m not too sure if marine animals have a diurnal/nocturnal schedule, or is it tide-dependent? Need to read up more on that.

But in any case, exploring the intertides is very different when there’s limited light. I can’t quite remember if this was my first time, but it’s vastly different. You don’t look far, but you focus on the little things, where your flash light is.

Common sea star

Peacock anemone

Sea moth?

Halophila becarii

The sun finally rose, and it was a pretty sunrise.



With full light, I could see much better. The sandbar seemed to have grown bigger :/

Lush sea grass meadow(:

As we didn’t have many people, I got to do one transect on my own.

Shortly after we started, Sean spotted a couple of otters near the rocks! That was about 715am. Then about 745am, the other group monitoring at Site 1 also spotted the otters! So exciting (:

Other marine critters I saw:

Noble volute

Another peacock anemone?

Garlic bread sea cucumber?

Mud crab(s)?

Small carpet anemone

Baby thorny sea cucumber

Black long sea cucumber

Hermit crab holding onto a shell, for unknown reasons... food? shelter?

Pretty big carpet anemone

I stared at this for a long while trying to figure what was happening... Couldn't quite make sense of it, the worm was definitely being eaten, but not sure if it was by the anemone or the hermit crab....

Black catfish gave me a shock when it suddenly splashed around

Swimming crab decorated with algae

And also saw other exciting things! Like

Dugong feeding trails! Chek Jawa could possibly be visited by dugongs! It’d be really cool if we could actually catch them in action. Definitely not at low tide, that would probably mean bad news, but hmm, perhaps dive surveys or something? Would be cool to do a project on dugongs on our shores, maybe?

So yep, soon after we gathered back at the Visitor Centre and headed back to mainland. Dr Daphne was also with us on this trip, looking for more sea anemones (:

There’s always something beautiful out there in Nature. No matter how much Man destructs.


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I'm a Nature-lover, aspiring conservationist, and wannabe traveller in search of outdoor adventure.
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