Dr Jane Goodall’s visit to Singapore!

Again, another backdated post. Dr Jane Goodall, the renowned primatologist and also UN Messenger of Peace (among many other titles), visited Singapore sometime during the last week of June! (:

There was a screening of her movie, Jane’s Journey at the National Arts Museum on 25 June, and Ms Tan Beng Chiak, a biology teacher at RGS and now president of Jane Goodall Institute of Singapore (JGIS), roped me in to help out at the event, selling Dr Goodall’s books, merchandise and others.

Dr Goodall’s simply amazing. I didn’t really know much about her, though I met her previously when she came to Singapore in 2009 for a symposium held at Singapore American School :/ I knew she worked with chimpanzees in Africa, and that they’ve got a Roots and Shoots programme, but that was almost about it. The movie was really really inspiring and she has written so many many books! I want to read them all, but I highly doubt I will… There are too many books in the world that I want to read.

The movie was largely about how she came about doing what she’s doing now, her life’s journey. Not just about her work, there were also personal parts in it.

It’s just so cool how her mom allowed, even encouraged her to pursue her dream to go Africa. How she eventually did, and all her perseverance and patience paid off and all the work she did with her chimps at Gombe National Park.

And just as importantly, what she has been doing since then, going around the world advocating change. Her Roots and Shoots programme doesn’t just target the environment, but also humanity and animals. She is just so inspiring. She is too cool.

And of course at the end of the movie, I got a book. Should have bought first, because the books were selling like hot cakes! Limited copies too. But I got Hope for Animals and Their World: how endangered animals are being rescued from the brink. And had it signed too (:

Photo with Dr Goodall not with me 😦

[Update 1/11/2012: Finally dug out the photo and put it up]

Me with Dr Jane Goodall. Photo taken by Kim Ng

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