East Coast Park and people

All my posts are horribly backdated.

Went for a jog today (29 May) at East Coast Park (ECP), since I’m now staying just an expressway away.

I never really liked ECP, since it was a recreational park often swarming with people and bbq smoke. But as I was jogging along today, I started looking around and surveying the people and thinking.

These people who come to parks like ECP, do they care about Nature? About conservation and wildlife and the environment? I’m sure they’re here to enjoy the fresh air and sea breeze and spend some time with “nature”, albeit a little more manicured than what I would prefer.

Then there are those running events. With increasing popularity, more of these mass events are being run. And that means more litter. Adidas sundown created lots of litter. Cups strewn everywhere, plastic bags overflowing with trash etc. And I suppose we just expect the NEA/NParks contractors to clean it up.

Looking at those people running their dogs, I wondered if these people love pets, they therefore love animals. And by extension, that should include wildlife. Yet often times most people react with shock and disgust and fear. Or perhaps it’s too hasty a generalisation to say that if you like pets you will like wildlife. I don’t keep pets, but I care for wildlife.

I thought about environmentalism. How it’s such a fad these days. Most people know about it. I thought of a survey, to do research on how much people care, or know. I think sometimes even when people know, they dont bother take action cos it takes too much effort.

So now we’re kinda stuck in a limbo, where people know what we have to do but dont want to act upon it. We’re in the information age, we have access to all the information. Can no longer claim ignorance. Yet we’re still not doing anything about it. Guess we’re gonna have to go down in history as the generation of people who could have done something to prevent worse from happening yet didn’t. Though there are people out there who are doing a lot for the environment. The government should have a heavier emphasis on not just energy and water and food issues but the other aspects of the environment (including biodiversity and ecosystem services) and make it easier for people to be more environmentally-friendly. Take a harder line on issues.


About Jocelyne Sze

I'm a Nature-lover, aspiring conservationist, and wannabe traveller in search of outdoor adventure.
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