Operation No Release @ Venus stream

Today morning was spent at Venus stream for Operation No Release. My first time going to Venus trail, it’s a pretty neat place.

Operation No Release is organised by NParks, mainly to tackle people who release animals into our Nature Reserves especially around the Vesak Day period. They mostly do it to gain good karma, but what they’re actually doing is harming our environment and it’s not doing the animals any favours either. Those animals will either die, or if they’re invasive, might outcompete our native animals and cause destruction in our ecosystem.

I did this once, last year at Dairy Farm Singapore quarry. Both sessions were pretty uneventful, in that I didn’t see anyone releasing animals. Guess like what the NParks guy said today, most people don’t do it around Vesak anymore, they do it all round the year. With all the media and publicity about Operation No Release, anyone thinking of releasing animals around Vesak wouldn’t be too bright. Though technically, NParks can’t do much to them apart from asking them to remove the animals.

Going outdoors is good, improves my mood and is a constant reminder of what I want to achieve in life. People, especially Singaporeans, should go outdoors more often. Saw quite a number of people going to Venus trail today, but a shopping centre in any ulu place would probably beat the numbers at Venus trail hands down anytime.

By the way, Venus trail is part of Macritchie, only it’s rather far from the Visitor Centre and it’s probably wiser to take a bus to Venus Drive (alight Opposite Flame Tree Park along Upper Thomson Road) to get to Venus trail directly.


About Jocelyne Sze

I'm a Nature-lover, aspiring conservationist, and wannabe traveller in search of outdoor adventure.
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