World Water Day (20 Mar)

A back-dated post, but I guess it’s better than none at all.

So ecolit took part in Singapore World Water Day 2011 last Sunday at Macritchie reservoir, because I think our storybook features Macritchie.

Macritchie reservoir

It was great going there again.

Wally the mascot (I think)

Helium is becoming a scarce resource.

But anyway, so we set up a booth about our book and what the music and art students from RJ did at Macritchie.

Nature and art/music

Our booth on what we did

We had Ms Grace Fu Hai Yien, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of National Development & Ministry of Education as the GOH and after much fanfare to welcome her and a prize presentation, she came round visiting the booths (ours and Hwa Chong Institution’s) and we spoke to her about our project.

But mainly the big thing was about some Learning Trail @ Macritchie, by PUB and HCI. About water and its importance and some history on Macritchie, water quality and briefly about the Nature you can find around.

We also found out from Ms Tan Beng Chiak (from RGS) that the Visitor’s centre and most of the public area at Macritchie now comes under PUB’s charge instead of NParks. Really weird in my opinion but I guess who are we to say anything? As long as nothing horrible goes on.. Ms Tan was quite upset about the changes that’s been made thus far, like cutting down big trees and stuff.

We were quite bored with the event, because we know the importance of water and we appreciate what PUB and NEA have been doing to make sure we have water security (think NEWater, desalinated water, imported water and catchment water; the 4 national taps) and how/why we should be conserving water, but really our interest is not so much with water as it is with biodiversity. We went for the Learning Trail, but it was focusing more on water and PUB and all that stuff. There was a short segment where the guides from HCI were supposed to bring us through the Prunus boardwalk trail, but it was disappointing because he didn’t say anything about the biodiversity around us at all, and Sean even spotted an identification mistake in the fact sheet they provided. The Learning Trail booklet made it sound as though the forest and all the biodiversity just so happened to be there next to the reservoir and a minor part of Macritchie, and we took offence at that.

In sum, World Water Day wasn’t as awesome as we thought it would/could be. The buffet tea could have used biodegradable plates and cutlery and there shouldn’t have been loud, noisy music blasting (that disturbed all the wildlife in the area). But it was nice to meet up with Mr Kuak and Mr Goh and the rest of the ecolit gang again.

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